Napkin plans

Not every drawing we do is detailed or beautiful. As we work out ideas Peter and I draw a host of quick scribbles. We both communicate best with a pencil or pen in our hand. The drawings don't have to be in scale nor pretty. Their requirement is simply to assist us as we work out everything prior to doing the final engineered plans.

Today we were working out how best to break the Viking ship frames into sections. They first need to be in small pieces in order to fit into the galvanizing vats. Then they need to be bolted (not welded) into larger assemblies, still small enough to fit into the shipping containers, but without wasting a lot of space. Plumbing, ramps, bracing and other requirements have to be allowed for.  Lift and tie down points for shipping need to be located as well. We'll add the theme work at this stage and then stuff the massive pieces into the containers. 

Once the pieces arrive in Dubai they will be assembled one last time - without us there to direct the operation. It's one of our biggest challenges to date - but a whole lot of fun to work out. Here's one of those dozens of scribbles...

Dan SawatzkyComment