Glad you axed.

Peter was very excited to get started on the weapons for the Camp Viking project in Dubai. For maximum realism we decided the build the axe heads, sword blades and spear tips with metal rather than sculpting them in some other medium. Peter designed the files and we cut the parts using our Multicam CNC plasma cutter. It is extremely fast and accurate making assembly a breeze. For a little extra bling Peter whipped up a dragon design which was cut into the face of the axe by the plasma cutter. By welding a steel plate behind it we had an instant decorative etching. We then cut and welded the sides and back onto the axe head. It didn't take long. A little grinding and we were done. Peter instantly felt like a VIKING! :)  These pieces will be sent to the galvanizers before we sculpt the handles around the steel shafts.

Dan SawatzkyComment