Still in love

Valentines Day at our house is noted but not hugely celebrated. How can one day be truly more special than another when it comes to something as important as love? Janis & I decided to 'celebrate' the day by going on a date... to Costco. We quietly and calmly enjoyed spending time together. 

I first met Janis in high school. I was in grade 12, she one grade behind. For me it was love at first sight. Janis took a while to warm up to me.

I asked Janis to marry me after the first few weeks of seeing her. She wisely declined. I asked her again a few weeks later with the same result. But I was persistent and eventually (thankfully) she said yes! We jokingly say I chased her until she caught me... which is totally true. We've loved, lived and worked together for almost forty-two years. Happy Valentines Day!

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment