Competition (in brackets)

There's a rumour that Peter and I love a little competition. And the truth is sometimes it does happen , just a little. But if you were to watch us in action it would be clear in a hurry that Peter always starts the competition. Then I have to (reluctantly) rise to the challenge - just to keep his ego in check. It's my job as Peter's dad. I can give a perfect example. Peter and I are each doing three pub signs for the NEBs project. I finished assembling mine first (no competition there) and somewhat later Peter began doing his. We had discussed doing fancy brackets... and sure enough as Peter got going on his brackets they were indeed pretty fancy. I can always tell when Peter is competing for he hums a little song louder than usual. He also works with a big smile on his face. And today he was doing plenty of both. 

The first bracket was very nice. The second was much more elaborate. But the third was out of this world crazy. He was cutting steel, hammering it into shape madly and welding and grinding all day long. He unveiled the bracket at quitting time. And it is a thing of beauty - if not just a little over the top. He was pretty proud - and with good reason. 

But we weren't done quite yet. As he went out the door at quitting time (with that smile on his face and humming loudly) the plasma cutter was busy out back. I had one more bracket to make. I had started a fourth pub sign and by coincidence it needed a special bracket. I cut no less than six layers of quarter inch steel plate along with a half inch centre core. After supper I went back out to the shop to check the CNC router's progress on another project and couldn't resist doing a little grinding and welding of my own. It didn't take long. While not as monstrous as Peter's fancy bracket the little dragon sign mount looks pretty cool if I don't say so myself. Not that I'm competing in any possible fashion. :)

Dan SawatzkyComment