Weak in the knees

Our house is weak in the knees, but not for much longer. The custom house took two years to build. By the time it was mostly finished and livable we were tired, anxious to move in and content to concentrate on the business once more. That was better than two years ago. Since then work has continued on the house on a part time basis as we were able. Sidewalks were poured, the driveway put in and landscaping was done. Although the house appeared finished to most who look at it we know differently. One small detail we are currently working on is the many knees which will go on the vertical trim under the soffits. Like most things in our house we couldn't simply go to the store and buy what we needed. These are giant sized and have woodgrain and hearts carved into the surface. We had to design and fabricate each one from scratch. The first batch (of many) is now ready for paint. 

Dan SawatzkyComment