Power to the people - and bosses too!

About twenty years ago we expanded our crew very rapidly. We went on a major shopping spree to get all the tools we needed to keep them busy and productive. In this time I also had to learn how to manage a large crew effectively and I had a lot to learn. One day I went to the tool box to get a battery powered drill. As I turned from the tool box I pulled the trigger to test it. The battery was dead. The second drill I picked up was in the same condition. As was the third and fourth and fifth. The spare batteries were also drained. We had a serious problem and I had to deal with it correctly.

We called the crew to quit work and to gather round for a meeting. I began my talk, trying my best to keep a serious face. I told the crew I owed them a huge apology for obviously I had failed miserably as a boss. I had failed to train them correctly in the use of the new tools. I then gave them a long and detailed breakdown and demonstration of the correct use and maintenance of battery powered tools. They learned about the drills, batteries and chargers, when to charge, how to store the batteries and even how to plug the chargers into the wall. I left nothing to chance. After the long and detailed lesson we had a question and answer period to make sure we didn't miss anything and that every single member of the crew knew how to take care of the equipment. I also explained that the next time I found a dead battery in the drawer it would NOT my be my fault. Everybody had a good laugh and we never had a dead battery again.

Dan SawatzkyComment