Theme park research

I would imagine that no matter what your profession might be, when you travel you keep an eye on what the out of towners are up to. In our case, being theme park designers and builders, we love to visit theme parks on our vacations. We always learn many new things! The Disney parks are our favourite. The only thing better than visiting the parks is bringing someone who has never been before. This time we brought Phoebe and Becke, both of whom had never been to Disney World previously. As we walk around with them we see the park through fresh eyes and in the process see many new things ourselves. Our first day was spent at Disney's Animal Kingdom for Phoebe is such a huge fan of all things nature. She was even picked to go up on stage at the bird show and had a great horned owl swoop close over her head and land right above her. GREAT FUN!

Dan SawatzkyComment