Quiet before the creative storm!

We've learned so very well after more than eight years of hosting workshops that they don't happen without a lot of behind the scenes work by family and crew.  We are so grateful for all their help! The last weeks have been extremely busy in the house and shop but everything is ready and in it's place.

We are grateful to each of our guests as well. They honour us by traveling so far to attend. We appreciate that the cost of attending far exceeds the workshop fee. These folks have taken valuable time from their families, jobs and businesses. They also spend to fly, rent cars, stay in hotels and all the other expenses. We truly appreciate their excitement, passion and eagerness to learn. 

Most of our guests dropped in this afternoon to meet our staff, begin the exploring of our shop and to meet the other attendees. We have a wonderful and enthusiastic group!

Our goal is to exceed all expectations. We will immerse each of our guests in our unique world and all aspects of our creative life for three long days. In that time we will do our very best to share our passion and teach everything we do to create our projects. Our guests are encouraged to explore every corner of our shop and studio, take all the pictures they can, and ask every question that comes to mind. We'll share our creative journey with them, tell of our many adventures, and teach them all we possibly can. Our goal is to inspire them and equip them with techniques for their future projects. It is going to be FUN!

Dan Sawatzky4 Comments