No longer spineless

The days before we host the Sculpture Magic Workshop are always extra busy as we get everything shined up and ready for our guests. Add in a trip to the workshop in Denver last week and the installation and training on the new MultiCam plasma cutter this week and it the schedule quickly goes over the top. But it's all good and we will be ready when the guest arrive. I didn't have much opportunity to work on Phoebe's dinosaur mailbox today but I did squeeze in a few minutes after supper. I couldn't resist! I threw a pipe in the hydraulic bender to make a nice 'S' curve, and then slipped on about two thirds of the plasma cut vertebrae and rib cage pieces of the velociraptor. In a few minutes it came to life. This dino is no longer a spineless creature! He's going to be cool!

Dan SawatzkyComment