Lighting fires of passion

I enjoy teaching workshops for a variety of reasons. I've found the very best way to learn something is to teach it. If you are open to others the students will often teach the teacher many things both in the answers they give and in the questions they ask. I love to bring my passion for what I do to these events in the hope of igniting a small fire of enthusiasm in others present. It is so cool to see the spark in someone's eyes as you show them something new! Inevitably I also run into many old friends and get to catch up on things and also learn of their progress since you last bumped into them. Because others are eager to share pictures of their most exciting projects it is a wonderful chance to learn from the way they have approached their recent projects. The days are long but well worth the investment of time. We also got to visit a friend's shop where we are doing the painting and got to see whole new way of doing things along with the many samples on display. Tomorrow we do it all over once again.

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments