Almost ready to roll

In our shop we specialize in creating the visual parts of the projects. Often, hidden underneath our work is some pretty sophisticated machinery which is crafted by some very talented vendors. These companies are often far, far away. The Scallywag Bay Adventure Park train is a good example. While we build the engine and car bodies here in our shop, our partners, Hillcrest Shops are building the mechanical components in California. These guys are the very best in the business when it comes to theme park trains. I received some progress photos this weekend and things are coming together nicely. Sean and his crew take a great deal of pride in making things perfect.

The train engine will appear to have been built from salvaged shipwrecks by our Gruffles back in 1760's but in reality is will be a mechanical wonder that is state of the art from top to bottom. It will be hydraulic drive powered by a modern diesel engine, complete with air powered brakes.

Dan SawatzkyComment