Happy Birthday Hailey!

Today was Hailey's birthday. As always it was a day to celebrate. We did a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner on the fence and helium balloons of course. There was ice-cream cake to be shared with the entire crew as per tradition. They sang happy birthday to her - twice! We also presented Hailey with the keys to the new forklift which arrived this afternoon. She is a certified operator and in her current very pregnant condition shouldn't be doing any heavy lifting. Hence the new forklift. Hailey took it for a joy ride but after looking the forklift over carefully she became suspect...  she wondered WHY the lettering on the side said DAN'S and it was yellow too (which just happens to be my favourite colour and not hers) I assured Hailey that it was just a coincidence for we had bought it at a place called Dan's Forklifts and they only came in yellow. I don't think she believed me.

Dan SawatzkyComment