The art of apple pie

It is a long standing tradition for the family to gather each fall to make apple pies. It takes team work to do it right. Three generations work together to make about sixty pies which are frozen raw and then cooked to perfection and enjoyed throughout the year.  Ordinary apples wouldn't do. We've sourced old fashioned Gravenstein apples which have the perfect amount of tartness and still have a little crunch after cooking. As with all traditions everything needs to be done a certain way.  Two small test pies are done first, to make sure the mix of ingredients are perfect. After sampling a vote is taken to determine the right formula for this year's apples. My job, along with with Peter and Hailey is to peel, core and slice the mountain of apples. Becke, Vicki and Margo are in charge of mixing, kneading and rolling the dough. That's the toughest job. Janis and Phoebe load the pies and add the special mix of cinnamon, sugar and other secret ingredients. Vicki then plops on the top crust and seals the edges. Hailey bags the finished pies for the freezer.  Those attending the Sculpture Magic Workshop in a few weeks will get to sample the pies and taste just how good they really are.

Dan SawatzkyComment