A token of gratitude

Phoebe and I visit Cultus Lake Adventure Park on a regular basis. For her it is all about riding the rides which we enjoy immensely. I love to watch the people enjoying the park. I carefully observe the most popular rides, see where the crowds tend to gather and how the traffic flows - all in the interest of creating even better places in the future. I also listen to comments as guests discover the park for the first time. The endless hours we spent on the many details throughout the park are appreciated. One of those small details is on the ride tokens that were created for the park. There are different coins with the concept art from the various attractions featured. Each coin also has the date the attraction was opened. My personal favourite is the Giggle Ridge coin with the dates 2000-2013, the years we owned and operated the original park. Thanks to the owners for honouring our contributions to the park!

Dan SawatzkyComment