Living the dream

I've seen so many houses that are very fancy on the front facing the street but as you go to the back the limited budget kicks in and the area meant for the family is relatively plain and unimaginative. This seems a little backward to me for this is where we live while the front is often just for show for the benefit of those who drive by. The fact is most of us spend little time in our front yards. In our family this means we do things a little differently. The front of our houses certainly look good from the road but as we go around the back we pull out the stops. We want to live the dream. Peter and Hailey's house is now nearing completion and the back is the last area to get the treatment. The last of the sculpted concrete was done today. They added large windows and double patio doors to let the bountiful light into the house from the south. The roof was extended over an expansive deck. Not shown is a wonderful yard complete with a small mountain, waterfall and campfire area tucked into the corner. Who wouldn't want to live here?

Dan SawatzkyComment