Cleaning house

We are clearing out the boneyard out back of the shop once again. As we build projects we fab up various stands and jigs. When the projects are finished the rigs go out back for possible future use. So many other bits and pieces seem to gather there as well. Once in a while it is time to sort out the good from the bad. The recycling bin generally gets full in a hurry. One piece that has been gathering dust for some time is the body of a parade float we built about eight years ago. After a couple years we pulled the motorized chassis out to build another piece and we've been storing it ever since. Now we needed the extra room. Our client has a big lawn ornament collection and so we decided to add to it. Jack squeezed underneath the rusty rig to weld on some old scrap wheels after we loaded it onto the trailer. When he was done I hit the road to deliver it. It seems kind of empty in the back forty now.

Dan SawatzkyComment