Trini traffic

Everyplace I have ever lived or visited has it's challenges. In Trinidad one of the biggest challenges everyone faces is the roads. Although there is much new road construction, most places have far more vehicles than the narrow roads were designed for. Because of rainy season there is almost always a deep, concrete lined open ditch on one or both sides of the road. Most buildings, including commercial are built to the front property lines. Off street parking and loading zones are non-existent or in very short supply. The result is that people simply park their cars as close to the shoulder as possible or half on the sidewalk if there isn't a ditch to block their access. There are simply no other options and everybody does it including large delivery trucks. It is a fact of life and so driving in Trinidad is an obstacle course, especially in rush hour, which seems to never go away. The good news is that drivers are courteous for the most part, and accommodate those trying to squeeze through the narrow streets. Even so it is best to allow lots of time to get to appointments. If you are late (which often happens) everyone knows that it was the traffic's fault. No worries! Thankfully the friendly and laid back lifestyle of the island allows for the inevitable delays. The picture below is typical, with a delivery truck parked in the opposing lane and a man pushing a hand cart in our lane. A car is parked on the sidewalk on our side while hundreds of cars do their best to squeeze through.

After travelling in Trinidad (and other places I have visited) I truly appreciate the great roads back home!

Dan SawatzkyComment