Reference survey at last.

Today the last of the site survey was completed, plotting the final boundaries of the land and 42 key points inside. Using those markers I could quickly lay out key elements of the park and mark them on the ground using a spray marker. At long last everything could be closely analyzed and visualized in my mind by seeing these marks as a physical reference. I could 'walk' the park, with my imagination filling in the blanks. As I walked on the ground around the park I could 'hear' the waterfalls tumbling from above, I could smell the colourful jungle we would create and I could 'see' the attractions and rides in motion all over the property. Everything worked well save for one small change. I quickly measured things out and 'moved' the Yardarm Twist about twelve feet to the north. It worked. Now we are ready to begin the construction at last! With all of the iron pins in place I am confident everything will be located perfectly on my next visit which will happen as the park begins to go vertical.

Dan SawatzkyComment