Strapping the load tight

Moving, handling and loading our features is generally a tricky thing. Packing them into containers for a month long journey on the ocean is a whole other matter. The features by their very nature tend to be top heavy and somewhat fragile. 

Our solution is to weld up a steel framework and then fasten the pieces to it. This secures the bottom so in the event of some rough handling they won't slide from side to side and bump into each other. once secure everything is given the wiggle test. If they wiggle then it is time to do some extra work. Each feature we create has eye bolts welded back to the structure for easy lifting. These sturdy eye bolts provide the perfect place for a multitude of straps to be anchored to the container. Handy steel loops are also welded into the container at four foot intervals for just this purpose. Up to six straps, as necessary are cinched tight at a variety of angles until there is no more wiggle. Then it is on to the next until the container is full.

Dan SawatzkyComment