Bridge adventure

I believe that to be a good artist/designer I need to first fill my head with plenty of images and ideas. This means lots of field trips.  Each summer season Phoebe and I do a variety of fun adventures in search of new things and places to explore. Today was the first adventure of 2015. We decided to go up the Fraser Canyon as far as Hell's Gate.

Unfortunately the airtram was still closed for a couple more weeks so we had to look for a alternate adventure. As we drove I spotted the old Alexandra Bridge far down in the canyon. It had been built in 1926 and used until 1964. I had caught brief glimpses of it many times previously as I drove up the canyon but today we would take time to search it out. We found a likely turnoff from the main road and slowly made our way down a bumpy road through a thick forest towards the river until we could go no further with the truck. Then it was time for a ten minute hike.

As we cleared the trees we got our first good close look at the bridge. It was SPECTACULAR!

The bridge was definitely looking it's age but structurally was sound. The bridge deck was of a design that allowed us to see down to the river and rocks far below. It took a while before Phoebe would walk by herself without clinging tightly to my hand but once she decided it was safe the fear evaporated. 

The four cables holding up each side of the bridge were huge!

Dan SawatzkyComment