It's a BLAST

It is great fun to get an idea, whip up a concept and then watch as the idea becomes real and fully developed. In our studio I purposely keep the designs loose with the goal of making them better as they get built. Our clients thankfully go along with this approach.

One of our current projects is the sign for BLASTING BARRELS, a spinning coaster. The car design is a barrel which travels on a figure eight track and spins all of the way around. I designed the sign some months ago. This week we finally got to start the production of the sign. I designed the file, routed the pieces and assembled the sign while Peter began welding up the framework. 

The original design called for a stack of three barrels but as we started fitting things up it begged to be taller so another barrel was added to the top of the stack. We'll slide in a few sticks of dynamite on the upper barrels just for fun. 

Stay tuned to watch this fun project come together in the next couple of weeks.

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments