Big changes to the mini golf

Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf will be the first mini golf I know of that is underneath a roller coaster. The fact that the roller coaster is being added fifteen years after we built the golf meant some serious planning and changes had to be made. The old clubhouse was blown away and replaced with a new timber framed structure that is tucked between the first and thirteenth holes. The giant sign that used to reside on the peak of the old clubhouse was salvaged and placed in the new fence line.

We finished the modifications to a whole new first duel level hole on Friday. The 18th hole just got a little trickier as it splits around a giant concrete pillar in the middle.

We have three welders going to fabricate all of the armatures for the changes. Behind us the wiring and mudding crews are pushing us with great weather promised in the next week.

Stay tuned as we bring it all together in the next few weeks - just in time for the crowds that will arrive in June.

Dan Sawatzky3 Comments