Back to my roots

Last year at our Sculpting Magic Workshop we built a sample tree to show the students how to go about such a project. After the class we stored the tree out back until we could find a place for it. As we built the top mountain pieces that little tree's time had finally come. It was welded into place. But our sample tree desperately needed some roots. Today with most of the crew beginning work up at the lake it fell to me to complete the task. I was back to my roots.

The bulk of the shop work for the Cultus Lake Adventure Park is now finished. Tomorrow only the painters will stay in the shop to finish off the pieces while we attack the onsite fabrication. We have six weeks until the park is open! It will be a lot like visiting an old friend as we will be redoing the adventure golf which we built fifteen years ago. As we work on the hardscape the giant roller coaster will be assembled above us.

Dan SawatzkyComment