The inside of the mountain

Back when we first designed our first concrete project in 1990 I knew pretty much how things would look on the outside, or at least I knew we could figure it out. What I didn't know was how we would build the inside. There was only one thing we could do. It was time for a trip to Disneyland for some education.

I knew answers that were hidden there were hard to find for they don't like to reveal the magic. I clearly understood that. But I just knew the answers were there if I could somehow get a chance to look. Splash Mountain had recently opened and as luck would have it just as we clanked our way to the top of the giant drop the ride stopped dead. They were still working out the bugs and some little fault had stopped the ride. We waited quite some time while the ride operators tried to work things out to no avail. The other guests were disappointed when they decided to walk us out. I was delighted. In those few minutes I learned all I needed to know about the inside of mountains.

Today our crew worked their magic to add the sculpted concrete to three large pieces of the mountain. It was indeed pure magic to watch the rock and timbers come to life in a relatively short time. While the outside was beautiful, the inside of our little mountain looked very much like the mountain I had seen so long ago.

Dan SawatzkyComment