The wind through my hair!

A little more than thirty five years ago I owned a Toyota Land Cruiser. When I bought it the vehicle sported a taupe color paint job and the engine smoked badly. We affectionately called it the "Moldy Oldy." Eventually it got big tires, a proper roll cage, new seats, a bright yellow paint job and a brand new engine. After the retrofits the truck was re-dubbed the "Bionic Banana." It transported me on many grand and wonderful four wheeling adventures. Business responsibilities and a growing family meant the utility convertible eventually had to make way for more practical vehicles. From time to time I hankered for that open top and the feeling of the wind rushing through my hair. I've mentioned it from time to time to Janis and she always reminds me to not wait too long as I don't have a lot of hair left. :)

One of those long ago adventures was a trip to Myra Canyon, before they took out the tracks of the Kettle Valley Railroad. The Land Cruiser fit perfectly on top as we rode the rails over many high trestles and through some dark tunnels. It was one of those spectacular adventures that one remembers for a lifetime. Most of the other adventures in the little truck were far bumpier and much muddier.

Over the last months the subject came up again and we decided it was at last time. I looked at similar (now) antique Land Cruisers, and all sorts of other soft top vehicles both used and new. In the end after a lot of searching we decided to order a custom Jeep, as plain as they come. It will be my hobby truck and over time I'll customize it to suit my taste. By the middle of June, with the arrival of summer I'll have my new ride. The color of the new four wheel drive just had to be bright yellow of course. The Jeep on order will look a lot like this. When it arrives you can bet the top will be down at every opportunity!

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