Tiki time

I'm a huge fan and user of Precision Board high density urethane. It is a stable, durable material that is easy to work and holds paint well. We use tons of it each year. From time to time I'll do up a nice little sample as a thank you for their great service and product. They exhibit it in their display to showcase their product. With the International Sign Association's trade show quickly approaching it was time to get busy.

I decided to hand carve something this year. Peter came up with the idea of a little tiki - just for fun. I quickly sketched my ideas onto the block of HDU with a red felt pen and then fired up the die grinder. In less than an hour the basic form was roughed out.

tiki roughed out.png

It took another half hour to carve in the wood grain and textures a quick coat of primer made it ready for some color.

Dan SawatzkyComment