Packing the magic

Building huge crates can take almost as long as building the features it seems.. I measured twice and then cut up and assembled sixteen sheets of plywood. Then I build custom pallets and massive boxes. The robot router was first feature tackled and it took lots of effort to gently lift and slide it into the crate. The crate measured six feet wide by five feet deep by seven feet tall. It weighed in a just over a thousand pounds loaded. It seems I build the Multicam displays are almost as heavy duty as the heavy duty routers they build. 

The TV stand was next and it measured two feet by nine feet by three feet tall. The last to be boxed was the lectern. It measured three feet by four foot-six by five feet tall. It was with mixed feelings I screwed the last side of the crate in place with the lectern securely inside. I'll see the pieces in two weeks at the International Sign Association show in Las Vegas. After that they will be transported back to Dallas/Fort Worth for permanent display in their showroom. They are going to a good and appreciative home.

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment