The train wreck of 1915

We've built many trains previously from a variety of materials. In the end they all looked like they were made from heavy metal. The current train engine that is to go up to Cultus Lake Adventure park needed to have extra character and look very worn. The best way we knew how to do this was to hand sculpt it from concrete. Some parts still were made from welded metal bits. Other parts, like the wheels were machined from Precision Board high density urethane. But the balance of the train will be sculpted from our magic concrete. This medium allows us to add the most awesome character and instantly make it look more than a hundred years old - as it should. Because the train will be viewed from the bottom side we turned the train on it's side to do these parts. My instruction to the team as they carved was simple... 'Make it gnarly.' They did an awesome job!

Dan SawatzkyComment