YO-YO! YO-YO! A pirate's life for me!

This afternoon the post lady delivered a giant box to the shop. It was a surprise package from my good friend Doug Haffner, owner of Haffner's Fantastic Creations in Illinois. Knowing Doug and his fantastic imagination we couldn't wait to see inside...  It was a fabulous golden TREASURE!

Doug had written (on a beautiful aged scroll) a wonderful story of how a grampa and grand daughter had visited Skallywag Bay and discovered bountiful treasure. The clever gruffles had disguised the treasure as toys. The real treasure we discover is in fact the time and memories we share with those we love. Doug had exquisitely crafted a beautiful aged 'metal' strongbox full of golden yo-yos. Each yo-yo was embossed with the gruffle pirate logo complete with crossed wrenches.

As each of the crew admired the bountiful treasure I could imagine my good friend Doug singing the classic song as he labored on this gift...  YO-YO, YO-YO a pirate's life for me...  THANKS DOUG!

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