For real this year!

Each year, on a sunny day sometime in January I'll jump start the lawn tractor and then take some pictures of me mowing the lawn. It's my way of poking all my good friends back east, knowing they are still very much in the dead of winter and shoveling snow. We had a great January weather-wise, but I was busy this year. So it is now the middle of February and we just got back from sunny Florida. Amazingly the bulb flowers are now up and blooming, the cherry trees are already in blossom and the willows are showing their leaves. It's a few weeks early even for us.

This morning in the bright sunshine it was evident that the lawn really did need mowing. and it was a balmy 14 degrees celsius (just over 57 degrees fahrenheit) - a perfect day for mowing the lawn. It was so warm the tractor started on the first try - without having to break out the jumper cables or battery charger. I felt a teeny bit bad while having my picture taken in my shirt sleeves knowing that back east the weather isn't quite so nice. I got over that feeling in a hurry as the scent of fresh cut grass wafted over me.

This is no put-on it's for real this year! you can insist all you want that you'd rather shovel snow than mow lawns. I don't believe it for a second. Eat your heart out. :)

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments