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Many people might dread the thought of going to work with their family - I love it. I get to spend my days with the people closest to me: my loving wife, my parents, my sister, various cousins, my in-laws - you name it. Of course, the family member I've worked with the longest is my father. I started painting historical murals with him when I was barely in my teens.

If you ever have the privilege of working with my father you will learn that he loves to tease... But if you are going to give you have to expect a little back. 

Consider the very first thing my father welded for the Scallywag Bay. It is a hollow log. And every time we get ready to mud he has the guys push it to the front of the shop... but there never seems to be enough time in the day to get to it and somehow it gets pushed to the back again. Dad thinks I'm doing it on purpose but that is just a ridiculous idea!

Today he sent me an email...

You declare the most monstrous tree ever to come out of our shop your laughing place and yet keep pushing (against my repeated wishes) my beloved tiny little hollow log to the back yard unloved and forlorn. How can this be?
— Dan Sawatzky

I declare my innocence! And to prove it I offer this photograph of the very same hollow log - complete with mud.


- Uncle Peter

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