Release the Kraken

It seems I am somewhat famous for going into the house each evening and announcing that we had a fabulous day in the shop. Janis will then ask me if we finished whatever project we were working on and it is rumored that I ALWAYS answer YES! Then, I reportedly ALWAYS add the disclaimer 'Well, finished except for a few little bits which are so minor they don't really count'. I am then informed that the project really isn't at all done and I reluctantly have to agree.

Peter, it seems has inherited that very same super realistic view from his momma. When we finished sculpting, painting, loading, and shipping the HUGE KRAKEN body I wanted to stroke it off the to-do list but each time we discussed it Peter would insist that it really wasn't done. There were still the four arms to wire, mud and paint. And then I am pretty sure there was this conspiracy to leave them to the very last to test my abundance of patience. Now it seems as I take a few days to travel south the KRAKEN arms were rushed into the shop and finished. Knowing Peter as well as I do I KNOW he took great delight in crossing the KRAKEN off the list as the minute these last bits were done. I could hear his evil laugh all the way down to Florida as he boldly stroked the KRAKEN off the to-do list.

I see other good sized pieces are also ready to load into the containers.

Reporting (unbiasedly) from sunny Florida...  grampa dan

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