Beam me up

Today was a busy one, in service of research (and fun) of course. Janis & I spent the day at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. My pedometer on my smart phone tells me I walked 17,904 steps today which equates to 12.01 kilometers or just under 7.5 miles. It is always fun to look carefully at the work that others do in our field and the Disney Imagineers are indeed the very best in the business without a doubt. The long and mid views are carefully thought out and planned and a joy to behold. I probably take all those in bin more detail than the average guest. What I enjoy most are the small details, totally un-noticed by most but critically important to make the  stories believable. These details are in abundance everywhere you look. 

As a park designer and builder I can clearly see how things evolve through the years - just as they do in our own work. Each project builds on the last, continually raising the bar. It is also clear just how much field research the Imagineers do in order to make it all so authentic. Much of my focus is on the sculpted concrete work in abundance in the new parts of the park. In our last quick trip here late last year I took a bunch of pictures but time was short. Today I went back and really looked around. It is all amazing and inspiring for our own work back home.

Looking at all this great works makes me itchy to get back home and do some sculpting of my own. But first we have more research to do, on to one of my favorite parks - Animal Kingdom.

Dan SawatzkyComment