I Robot

My daughter, Juniper, is five weeks old today. I must confess to being a little sleep deprived and completely twitter-pated. My father, meanwhile, has been racing ahead on his Sign Invitational entry. Nevertheless, between diaper changes, cuddles, and feedings I have been working on the concept for my entry. I have settled on a coin-operated, diesel-powered sign-writing hydraulic automaton (or CDSHA).

Normally, I am getting my hands dirty in the workshop, however, I have been planning on learning Enroute and CDSHA is the perfect opportunity to dip my toe in. I've spent the past few days exploring the software while designing my entry. Today, my files were finally complete and I fired up our twin Multicams. The plasma cutter made quick work of the steel for my entry's pedestal. Once the pieces were cut out it didn't take long to weld them together. I love the level of detail and precision the CNC plasma allows!

Peter welding a pedestal

Meanwhile, the router carved out the first of the detail panels for the sides of the pedestal. I couldn't resist a quick test fit.

Sign Invitational pedestal

I am looking forward to painting it - but first things first - I have some diaper changes, cuddles, and feedings to get in before then!


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