Always looking and learning

Whenever I walk through a creative environment I first enjoy it. Then a million questions come to mind. How did they do it? What materials did they use? Which tools were used? And a whole lot more...   At a trade show like IAAPA, everywhere I turned there was no shortage of samples of creative environments. I first enjoyed and then began to ask the questions. The difference is at a trade show there are people standing by who were eager to answer my questions. Better yet, with a quick scan of my badge they were instantly set up to send the information I was seeking to my inbox. It wasn't quite as fun as enjoying a theme park out in the sunshine but I managed to answer a whole lot of questions and gather a whole lot of valuable information in a very short time. One of those questions was where could I get quality (faux) foliage that would stand up to all kinds of weather for years to come.

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments