Visit from the brass

Today we were visited by Ken Burton, Executive Director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum. In 2000, Captain Burton was the commander of the RCMP Patrol Vessel Nadon during the Vancouver Maritime Museum epic re-creation of the voyage of the original St Roch. Our little study models are small versions of the full size features which we will be constructing as part of a planned rebuilding of the Children's Maritime Discovery Centre at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Ken was here to inspect the models and talk about the timetable for the project. 

Ken's visit was posted to the museum's Facebook page this afternoon featuring Sarah painting the model. "The Imagination Corporation are hard at work on a miniature model of the Beaver for our Children's Maritime Discovery Centre! The finished model (along with other maritime themed concept models) will be on display at our Arctic Gala. Dan Sawatzky of the Imagination Corporation will be on hand for the event as well. Make sure you check it out!

Dan SawatzkyComment