Now on to the inside

They say you can't tell the contents by the wrapper...  but the truth is that often the outside of the package does give some clue to what magic hides inside. In the case of the 2016 Sign Challenge I suspect most of the contestants are going to pull out the stops on both the shipping boxes and the display piece inside. When one is up against more than a dozen of the best sign makers in the world we can expect no less.

I've now finished the box for my piece. Being one of the first out of the gate bears some risks and I'm fully aware that others are watching with great interest. The upside is that my design won't be influenced by any of the others. My intent is to build at a leisurely pace, pushing at the front end so there will be no crunch at the finish. The downside is that everyone following will know what to beat, how high the bar is set. But the reality is that everyone knows to bring their 'A' game, to build in a style they excel in. Every entry is going to be fabulous I'm sure!

Dan SawatzkyComment