Pirate train engine progress

One of the last pieces we are building for Trinidad is the pirate train. Since our company specializes in only theme work (not mechanicals) we are partnering with a world renowned train builder, Hillcrest Shops from Reedly, California. These folks are building the chassis for the locomotive and the cars. The first train concepts showed the train as an 0-4-0 meaning it had no wheels in the front, four driving wheels and no trailing wheels or tender. As the train went through design it became a 2-4-0 and finally an 0-6-0. This will give the train engine an abundance of traction and keep it firmly on the trails.

As the train chassis went through various design revisions I modified the concept plans over the engineered technical drawings. Hillcrest Shops does not cut any corners as they design and build their trains and this will undoubtably be the very best pirate train in the whole world.

The train car chassis are now all done and ready to fit the bodies which are here at out yard. Now the engine chassis is in the final phases of assembly and it is pretty exciting! I talked with Sean Bautista, the owner today and he sent me some progress shots. This thing is HEAVY DUTY to say the least. The four cylinder diesel engine that will power the train is on the ground in front of the chassis.

Here's the shot from the rear. Look close at the engine in the background of the photo. It's currently in rebuild and will soon return to my favourite theme park in southern California. 

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment