Hiding the garbage bin - creatively

Garbage bins are unsightly but absolutely necessary. They need to be easily accessible too, meaning ours is visible from the front yard. Something simply had to be done! The solution was to literally build a mountain over it. Massive steel doors swing open to reveal the garbage bin out front and in the rear another set of steel doors hides all of the garden tools. Over top a twisty, gnarly tree 'grows' majestically. The tree was built in our shop some years ago and now at last we are working on the mountain underneath. The planters on the sides and up on top will grow real greenery as well.

Along with the mountain is almost 200 feet of 'heavy plank' fence which will be sculpted from concrete and then painted to look like wood. Sculpted concrete trees (with real vines providing the greenery) will anchor each end. Light posts with soft glow LED lighting will be built in every twenty feet. This fence will never rot as it is built with a sturdy welded steel framework which is covered with galvanized lath. A thick coat of fibreglass reinforced concrete will be sculpted over that.The fence will be finished like another fence we did on the opposite side of the property. (shown below)

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment