The 2016 SIGN CHALLENGE is officially on!

The twenty formal invitations for the 2016 Sign Challenge have now gone out and twelve talented sign makers have responded already.  One player has declined and the rest have until the end of the month to respond in order to play. The competition is going to be extreme and everyone is going to have to play their 'A' game to have a chance to come out on top. I look forward to seeing all the entries lined up in one place and also visiting with all of the participants in Orlando in the spring! 

The rules are as follows...

The theme is Rube Goldberg  - A contraption , invention, device or apparatus that is deliberately over-engineered to perform a simple task in a complicated fashion. These machines usually have many moving parts but because our contest allows no motorization or movement of the display piece(s) it presents a formidable design challenge to capture the feeling of movement. The further constraints of maximum size and theme also make the design that much more difficult. It is our hope that the more challenging the competition the more creative the entries will be. This is a chance to have some real fun!

Each creation when assembled has to fit inside a specific envelope. The piece on it’s display stand (the crate) must measure no more than six feet tall by two feet wide by two feet deep. This build envelope includes a shipping crate which your creation must fit inside (for transport) and be displayed on top for the show. Electric (120 volt) or battery power may be integrated into the creation. Lighting of all types is allowed. All types of motorization/mechanical movement are prohibited. Each piece must have the word ‘SIGNS’ integrated into the design in some fashion.

Judging will take place at the 2016 ISA Sign Expo and will be voted on by show attendees (up to 20,000 possible voters) in a blind judging fashion.

As I considered what my design might be an idea immediately came to mind.  I grabbed my sketchbook and began scribbling it down. It didn't take long until the design was nailed. I'm going with a space theme  and my piece is named 'Sign Odyssey'. Good luck to all my fellow competitors!

Dan Sawatzky4 Comments