Big news

Janis & I formed Sawatzky's Imagination twenty-three years ago and it has been my passion to create themed projects based on the many years of experience previous to that. It's been both challenging and exciting through the years since forming the company and we have accomplished many amazing projects. That run doesn't look to end anytime soon. 

Our son Peter worked along side us full time for fourteen years before striking out on his own. He became an accomplished animator and also got his Bachelor of Science degree (in mathematics) along with a teaching certificate. Through those years he came back periodically to help us with various creative projects, including the building of our new house.

About three years ago Hailey joined our crew and it was a delight to work with her. We were more than pleased when Hailey and Peter began dating, fell in love, and then married. 

In the last year Peter and Hailey both committed to join our company on a full time basis. We enjoy working with them immensely and they have a huge talent and heart for the things we do. Both are natural leaders. Together, their efforts have allowed Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation to commit to larger projects in the coming years.

We are pleased to announce that they are now officially partners in Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation.

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments