Fire in the hole!

The Cultus Lake expansion project is quickly gaining momentum. The construction crew up at the lake has finished the demolition and has dug scores of gigantic holes for the footings of the RunawayTrain roller coaster, the Blasting Barrels spinning coaster and the Roundup pendulum ride. The forming for the concrete work has begun. 

We are in the final stages of design for the theme work which will begin next week. As always the balancing act of what we want to do and what the budget will allow is being worked out. One very large feature that is proceeding is a good sized mountain with a mining tunnel bored through. This will be the lineup for the spinning coaster. On top of the mountain a track will branch off the coaster ride track. This will be where we perch the engine for the runaway train. In true story telling style the little steam engine will be tipping off the twisted track, blown apart by an errant dynamite charge in the mine.

We are going to build the bulk of this giant feature in the shop in a number of pieces before transporting it up to the site for reassembly. This, as always will be both challenging and FUN!

Dan SawatzkyComment