One off the list

Today was another exciting day for the Skallywag Bay project. The first piece (of well over a hundred) recieved it final glazes this afternoon. Over the last few days the first cannon got it's primer coat of paint, then two more blended coats. Edges and seams were carefully cut and aged to perfection. This was allowed to cure. This morning it was finally time to begin the glazing. The first round was a combination of teal green and a dirty purple glaze, the right blend to make the copper cannon look it's age. It was liberally brushed on and then carefully and judiciously toweled off, more in high wear areas, less along the deeper recesses and cracks. Two people brushed the purple, I got to play with the teal and two people skillfully dabbed, patted and wiped as necessary. We had to work quickly, not letting things dry until we were done.

This was allowed to harden up for a couple of hours before we went back in with just the dark teal, one painter and one wiper, to add more aging to the cannon. This again was allowed to dry. Then Peter and Hailey tag teamed the cannon one last time to add even more detail to the dark teal and also add in touches of light teal green to mimick the recent tarnishing and corrosion on the massive copper barrel and trim.

The first piece, which sets the tone and style for the rest to follow is now done.

The treehouse is now welded and out in the driveway to get it's wire mesh. The KRAKEN is back in the shop getting it's shipping frame and bumpers. Muding that giant monster is next on the adjenda. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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