Angie the plumber

Lately the taps in our shop sink developed a small leak. I considered replacing the parts inside but the taps were well worn and so we decided to go with all new taps. Hailey picked them up yesterday. Today at first coffee I asked the crew if any of them had never replaced sink taps before. Angie gingerly put up her hand. I immediately nominated her to do the task. After coffee she asked Hailey if I was kidding (I do tease once in a while) but Hailey answered that I indeed did want Angie to do the job. I gave Angie brief instructions and showed her how to shut off the water. She figured out the tools she needed and set to work.

I came back a short while later and she had the old taps off and the new ones in place. I snapped this picture of her hard at work.

A short while after that the job was done, with no leaks - the very first time. GREAT JOB ANGIE!

I believe all of us can do any job we set our minds to given the chance. First we have to believe we can do it. Then we have to figure it out. Simple as that.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment