The Monday after

The day after the busyness of an exciting and action filled workshop is a bit of a letdown. After going full blast through the workshop weekend the crew was a little worn out today, as was I. It was a day to get the shop back into production. After moving everything around, the guys worked on wiring the treehouse structure and made good progress.

The KRAKEN was pushed back into the shop for it's last blended coat of paint. The painting crew did awesome and almost finished the task. Tomorrow after doing the remaining bits on the arms will start in on the glazing. I can hardly wait!

The giant sub is looking pretty spectacular in it's faux weathered coat of paint. As we add the aging and corroded patinaes it will look even better... then we'll add a few details that will take it over the top. Stay tuned for the fun result...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment