Still drawing

As we go on to new pieces I am still doing a bunch of sketches, mapping out ideas for projects currently in the welding stage. As we get into the build, with the style of the project now settled, some of the early concepts need to be reworked a little. The best way to get the ideas to each of the crew who are working up the piece is a quick sketch.

We are including some carved tiki poles in the golf and in the kid's play area. Initially I did two drawings of the six totems we would be sculpting. The two original concepts were for the kid's play area, designed to be climbed on. 

For the new concepts we decided to do characatures of our gruffles, stylizing them to become tikis. We wanted to use Gruffles not features on other signs. The first to get the treatment was Scurvy.

Dug was a character I loved and it was fun to make him into a tiki pole.

The armature frames are currently being welded and wired. These are going to be very fun to carve and paint up! Stay tuned for fun!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment