Second salvo

Today first coat of paint was applied to the first bunch of features for Skallywag Bay in Trinidad. Everyone was excited to begin that stage of the work. Most of the benches got the treatment plus the first cannon which was sculpted late last week.

The crew also applied the fiberglass reinforced concrete to the second cannon and sculpted in the details when the time was right.

This cannon was quite different from the first in many ways including a very long barrel.

Those who were observant have already seen the way this piece was signed by the crew - with the addition of a name plaque on the front barrel bearing the name Lauresa Marie. This just happens to be Hailey's middle name.

The first cannon also bore a name plaque as will the next two. How many guests will notice or know their significance? Most likely not many, but we will know. :)

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment