Full steam ahead

It was a busy day in the shop with plenty of action happenng on many fronts. With the KRAKEN, a tall ship, a cannon and some smaller pieces in the shop there isn't much room to move around. Thankfully, each member of the crew works well together and they make it work, despite the cramped quarters. The push is to get the big pieces out of the shop no later than Wednesday afternoon of next week so we can set up for the first fall workshop on Thursday.

The starboard side od the ship recieved the bulk of it's concrete mud and was sculpted today. 

The KRAKEN got it's first multi-colored coat of paint. Because this coat mostly soaks into the concrete and it is the first of three we lke to use up the odds and sods around the shop.

Monday the crew will pick up where we left off today.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment