Awesome details

It was a crazy day for me as I did my best to keep everything running in spite of too many tool challenges. In between the craziness some very cool work got done. The gigantic cannon got the last of it's sculpted concrete today and looks great! The first picture is of the back side where golfers will shoot their balls on hole one. The ball will drop into one of two holes inside the barrel and then come out onto the green five feet below.

The second shot is the front end which will be visible from much of the golf and the courtyard below. The cannon will be about ten feet above the courtyard level.

Once Peter and the crew were done sculpting the cannon they moved onto the ship. They started with the figurehead and the captain's door. I had the pleasure of doing a little sculpting as well.

It's great fun to see the awesome details emerging from the fresh concrete each day. Tomorrow the ship will get a lot more attention and I look forward to seeing the result! Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment