More sign concepts

We are now officially started on the prefabrication for Scallywag Bay Adventure Park in Trinidad. Over the better part of the next year we will be busy in the shop making fanciful creations. These will be packed up into a whole lot of shipping containers and then transported to the site in the Caribbean.

The design for the park is now final as is the addition of some new rides. Today I worked on the design for the needed signs. The first is called Tupper's Pieces of Eight - a small, spinning coaster. The ride car will resemble the bottom portion of a barrel which will spin as it careens around a figure eight coaster track. And just to make it a little more fun we will elevate it about fifteen feet higher than it normally sits. The design for the car looks like this...

The characters we created will be the proprieters of the rides. This one is to be run by Tupper, the pirate bean counter. Since the track is shaped as a giant figure eight, the name was a natural fit. Here's the sign concept for the ride...

The second ride is going to be an exciting one. It is a pendulum ride. Twelve seats will face outward in a ring on the end of a giant pendulum. It will both spin and loop 360 degrees. We call it the KEEL HAUL
, owned by none other than Fredrick, the enforcer. The sign features him enjoying a turn being keel hauled.

There's still one more sign to go and that is for Spec's Crow's Nest, the spinning drop ride. I'll cram the design for that in sometime this coming week.

-grampa dan

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